Månadsarkiv:februari 2013

Cool Grid Allows For More Turbines

Good news for wind sites in cold climate: new research shows that you might be able to squeeze in some more power in existing grids. Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland points out that the colder weather and… Läs mer

An Old Rocker Plugs Into The Future

He drives a big diesel truck and grew up driving old, cranky gasoline cars. Micke Elisasson from Östersund had never driven an electric car until he tried two at Winterwind. Outside the conference hall there’s half a dozen electric vehicles… Läs mer

“We´Re In It For The Surface”

YKI , partner for research and innovation in applied surface chemistry, are trying to develop surfaces for i.e. rotor blades. Kenth Johansson at YKI explains the deal with the project TopNano. ”Vi modify material in order to develop surfaces that don´t… Läs mer

Ten Percent Increase With De-Icing

De-icing systems on wind turbines can increase the yearly production of energy with up to 10 percent, according to tests made by the utility Skellefteå Kraft at the wind farm Uljabuouda in the north of Sweden. During November and December… Läs mer

The Conference Was A Great Success!

A huge thanks to all of you who contributed to make Winterwind 2014 a great success; presenters, session chairs, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, PCO and the conference centre Södra Berget. Hope to see you next year! Ulla Hedman Andrén Project manager Winterwind… Läs mer

¨For Every Rule There’s An Exception.¨

A lot has been done, but there’s still a long way to go before icing on wind turbines are under control, concludes meteorologist René Cattin in a new report. On René Cattin’s to-do-list is better forecasts, more and better measurement… Läs mer

“Wind Energy Offers Many New Jobs”

Arbetsförmedlingen, The Swedish Employment Service, has a desire to improve our knowledge and our services within the wind energy sector, says Anna-Karin Johansson and Roland Alm, from the Employment Service in Piteå, visiting the Winterwind 2012 to learn more about the area and make contacts. Does the wind power create new… Läs mer

The Ice Issue

Suddenly wind energy in cold climate is a hot topic. Several of the large manufacturers are now on the verge of offering de-icing systems. Researchers in Finland started to investigate the possibility of de-icing wind turbines in the early 90’s. Läs mer