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Winterwind 2024

Winterwind 2023

Albert Bosch, VORTEX, ES

6-month seasonal forecasting of monthly wind speed anomalies

Bram Cloet, Sirris, BE

An active/passive coating stack for surface icing mitigation tested under various climatic conditions.

Christoffer Carlsson, INKOM, Industrikomponenter AB, SE

ESS – Energy Storage Systems in cold climates

Claas Rittinghaus, Energiewerkstatt, AT

Winterwind Workshop – “Performance envelopes of blade heating systems” – A Subtask of IEA Wind TCP Task 54 “Cold Climate Wind Power” and NICE – Reduction of ice formation by nanostructuring of surfaces with an ultrashort pulse laser

Daniela Roeper, Borealis Wind, CA

Determining power requirements for de-icing/anti-icing systems for onshore and offshore turbines

Don Browning, Phazebreak, US

Chemical coating solutions for turbine blade icing

Emilie Iversen, Norconsult, NO

Climate change impacts on Nordic icing climate

Franziska Gerber, Meteotest, AG

Can we make better use of ice protection systems?

Ibrahim Rotich, Eötvös Loránd University, HU

Numerical study on inversed designed airfoil under adverse weather conditions

Ines Runge, Nordex Energy SE Co. KG, DE

Turbine performance during icing events

Matthew Stead, Ping Services, AU 

The importance of early-stage ice detection