Månadsarkiv:november 2013

Swedish Windpark Can Get EU Support

The wind park Blaiken is one of four Swedish projects nominated for support from the EU NER300-program, one of the world’s largest programs providing funding for renewable energy. – “A support can mean a big step forward for the… Läs mer

Testing 150 Tonne Components At Minus 60°C

Surrounded by mist, ice-cold air and blue light, as the temperature declines a thin layer of frost is slowly building up on the transformer. It is subjected to a simulated winter, closely observed and subsequently analyzed. A newly built… Läs mer

Portrait: Jos Beurskens

The veteran Jos Beurskens is challenging the Swedish wind power industry: Devise your own technical solutions instead of waiting for the big industrial players to grasp the potential of cold climate wind energy.  But, he emphasises, don’t forget to… Läs mer

How Can Systemic Depth Enhance Cost Effectiveness?

A Retrospective Overview Of Wind Farms In Cold Climate Regions Challenges Of Cost Effectiveness Wind energy in cold climate regions (WECC) stands at the threshold of major research and development trends within onshore & offshore wind energy. It is actively… Läs mer