Travelling to Umeå

Aeroplane, bus, train or ferry – there are many ways of travelling to Umeå.
The airport is very convenient. It takes only ten minutes to travel from Umeå Airport to central Umeå.


From Vaasa in Finland, the Wasaline service takes only four hours to cross the Gulf of Bothnia.

Air connections

Flying to Umeå from towns such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Östersund, Kiruna and Helsinki is quick and comfortable.


Train travel to Umeå is easy. If you are coming from southern Sweden, the Bothnia Line shortens the travel time by several hours.


Ybuss serves Umeå with daily departures along highway E4.

Länstrafiken gets you around Västerbotten and surrounding areas.

Matkapojat have bus trips from Finland.