Månadsarkiv:februari 2014

Blade Expert With High Hopes

Blade Expert With High Hopes

Greger Nilsson left the research institute and took the power ascender to a new business. Now the former researcher is repairing blades far above the ground. With his new company Blade Solutions Greger Nilsson is getting into the booming market of repairing… Läs mer

Five Voices From Winterwind 2014

What’s the most important you have learned at Winterwind 2014? Antti Leskinen, CEO of APL Systems Inc. Actually, last night we made up the guidelines for a new R&D-project, based on what we learned here. The atmospehere is… Läs mer

Count On The Future

Predictability was the name of the game during the opening session of Winterwind 2014. Being able to predict icing, weather and wind can make or break a business case. ”We have seen up to 20 percent in lost annual production… Läs mer

Frozen Detection

Not even the technical equipment, made to measure the icing, could withstand the harsh conditions in Åsele in northern Sweden. Severe icing stopped the ice detectors from working properly or broke them completely. The conclusion from the field tests of… Läs mer

No Time For Frozen Ambitions

In the beginning there were high hopes and a great sense of adventure. Customers lined up to buy wind turbines without really knowing what it was like to operate and maintain them in cold climates. Manufacturers weren’t that much wiser;… Läs mer

Welcome To Winterwind 2014!

Just a few days left to Winterwind 2014. We’re a group of people working day and night right now to make this a great experience for you. This year Winterwind will be held in a municipality where there are large… Läs mer

Faster Blade Repairing

Sand and ice erodes the rotor blades. Repairs usually take considerable time. But Bladefence has introduced a new, quick method of repairing cracks. Bladefence uses a resin system that reacts when exposed to UV-light. The process from viscous glue to… Läs mer

Owners Want De-Icing Guarantees

There’s a constant debate about the effectiveness of de-icing systems. Now Sweden’s biggest wind turbine owner is asking for performance guarantees. Owners of wind turbines want high productivity in order to obtain the required return on investment, but icing can… Läs mer