Ice Detection and Ice Protection Systems Wind Industry Survey (IEA Wind Task 19)

In an effort to align its deliverables to the needs of the wind industry, the IEA Wind Task 19 wants to collect your opinion on two specific topics: Ice detection and Ice Protection Systems. This survey is in three sections and will take less than 15 minutes to complete:

1. General questions: In what field of the wind industry your organization is involved and in which region of the globe.
2. Deliverable 1: Ice Detection Guidelines for Wind Energy Applications
3. Deliverable 2: Ice protection systems & retrofits – performance and experiences

For section 2 and 3, you can select if you want to contribute or skip, as you see fit. The output of the survey will be presented at Winterwind conference in Sweden in February 2020. Your participation is on a voluntary basis and will be treated anonymously.

You can access the survey here:

Thank you for your collaboration,

The IEA Wind Task 19 Team