Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference celebrates 10 years!

Dear all,
Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference celebrates Ten Year Anniversary! Cold climate sites have become a major growth market, three times the size of offshore wind*. This is a huge opportunity for everybody who’s on the market for wind power in cold climate. Now is the time to register for Winterwind 2018, a conference that after 10 years is more up to date than ever before.

With cold climate conditions comes challenges and growing demand for de-/anti icing solutions for the turbines. Also, other products and services require specialist expertise. If you attend the conference you make sure you avoid frozen assets due to lack of knowledge.

As we celebrate 10 years we will do our best to make the conference extra inspiring and engaging, the latest issues and bottlenecks for the continued deployment of wind power in cold climate areas will be discussed along with new findings within science.

Join us at Winterwind and be prepared to tackle the challenges whilst embracing the opportunities that are facing the wind power industry in cold climates.

See you in Åre!

Ulla Hedman Andrén
Project Manager Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference

* Source; IEA Wind TASK 19