André Bégin-Drolet, Université Laval, CA

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Short biography: André Bégin-Drolet is a full professor of mechanical engineering at Université Laval in Canada and CEO of Instrumentation Icetek, a spinoff company launched in November 2020 that commercialize the ice sensor he and his team have developed at Université Laval. His research, in the wind energy sector, focuses toward improving wind power production in cold climate where atmospheric icing is prevalent. His research led him to the design of a patented smart sensor, the Meteorological Conditions Monitoring Station (MCMS), adapted to measure meteorological conditions in cold and icy environment. He is very interested in developing methods to improve the production of wind energy in cold climates and have done so with many industrial partners. Wind is also part of his hobbies as he is an active racing sailor who loves to perform in both inshore and offshore regattas.