About the venue

P5 is a unique conference and party store located in the center of Väven in the heart of central Umeå where you have the most under a roof. Two hotels, U & Me Hotel and Stora Hotellet, cafes, movie theater, bakery, city library, theater, restaurant, bar, deli shop, art galleries and much more.

Storgatan 46 A
903 26 Umeå

Facts about Umeå

Umeå is situated on the inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia at the mouth of the Ume River, in the south of Västerbotten. Umeå is about 600 km north of Stockholm and about 400 km south of the Arctic Circle. It is the largest city north of the Stockholm-Uppsala region. The climate of Umeå is subarctic, with short and fairly warm summers. Winters are lengthy and freezing.

In 1622, the city was founded by King Gustav II Adolf. On 25 June 1888, a fire devastated Umeå and at least 2,300 of the 3,000 inhabitants became homeless. In the restoration following the fire, birch trees were planted along wide avenues to prevent future fires from spreading. For this reason Umeå is sometimes known as the “City of Birches” and the name of the Umeå ice-hockey team, Björklöven, means “The Birch Leaves”.

If you have time over when in Umeå, there are both hiking trails and skiing, etc.