About the conference

Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference 2019

Winterwind is an international must-go for everybody that is working with issues related to wind energy in cold climates. Winterwind found early its own niche in wind energy in cold climate and gathers every year the world’s wind energy professionals in Sweden to discuss the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates.

Winterwind offers seminars, debates, poster exhibition, networking, social events and technical visits. 2018 we also introduced Winterwind Open Innovation Contest, OIC.
Parallel to the conference there is a fair.

Participants are the world’s wind energy professionals such as scientists, engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, students and O & M providers. 

The most important meeting for wind energy in cold climate!

Organized by Swedish Windpower Association since 2008. https://www.svensk-vindkraft.org/in-english/