Jirango Digital Arena will be used for #Winterwind2021

Winterwind 2021 will use Jirango Digital Arena – a digital venue to facilitate collaboration, workshops, breakouts, chats, digital sponsorship and exhibitor rooms, etc. The platform is adapted for the usual operating systems and portable devices.

Together with Altitude Meetings we are involved on a broad front to create this digital platform.

Participants are invited directly from the system and can then easily take part in what the meeting offers, beforehand, during and afterwards, i.e, register for various seminars, book meetings, take part in information and materials and also interact with other participants, sponsors and exhibitors.

The chat function is a central part. Winterwind participants can communicate on both group and individual level and are divided as follows: general chat, chat with moderator/meeting organizer, chat with exhibitors, chat between participants and chat with technical support.

Only registered and authorized participants can log in to the platform to attend a meeting. Those who participate can only be logged in to one device at a time to avoid having several people participating from different places without being registered. All participants’ logins are registered and can be reported. If you want additional security to determine if it is really the right person sitting behind the screen at a distance, the Bank ID can be switched on.

Features in Jirango Digital Arena

·       Graphic customizations

·       Digital invitations to the meeting

·       Website for the event (Lobby page)

·       Participant management

·       Program

·       Speaker list – request the floor

·       Plaudit – instant feedback on events

·       Voting

·       Digital rooms for breakout and workshop

·       Streaming image from the meeting

·       Reporting

·       Follow-up and evaluation

·       Adjustable security level

It’s not the final graphic design of the Winterwind 2021-platform, but check out this picture below just to get a perception of what the digital platform will look like!

Here you’ll find the offers for sponsors and exhibitors – check out further info here on the exhibition platform and FAQ here.