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Phazebreak Coatings has made its name in renewables by encouraging the wind energy sector to reframe the conversation from “ice removal” to “ice prevention.”
With its patented icephobic coating, NEINICE, Phazebreak has revolutionized how owners and operators respond to the environmental challenges that threaten their turbines (and their bottom line).
Phazebreak’s cost-effective, safe, and modular installation methods have allowed wind farms to thrive in even the harshest of environments, increasing energy output during storms, decreasing recovery time afterward, and reducing maintenance costs on 6,000 blades worldwide.
Östersunds Elektriska Belysningsaktiebolag (Now Jämtkraft) was founded in 1889 and worked mainly to obtain electricity for lighting. The grid that was built was sufficient for lighting in a small number of homes and shops, as well as simple street lighting in the city center. In 1974, Åre, Krokom and Östersund municipalities became the main owners. The company currently operates within Electricity grid, District heating, Energy production with wind, solar, bio fuel, water. The group also delivers Energy solutions for private and business customers. The group currently manages 9 wind farms from Norrbotten to Dalarna with an annual energy of 1 TWh.

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Kjeller Vindteknikk is one of the leading consultancies within meteorological wind and ice modelling in the Nordics. We provide services such as wind measurements, energy yield assessments, icing loss estimations, post production reviews and icing forecasting for all stages of wind farm development.

Kjeller has carried out icing loss assessments for over 150 wind farms, been involved in third party performance assessment of de-and anti-icing systems and have supported in warranty discussion connected to anti and de-icing systems.

Kjeller Vindteknikk has more than 20 years of experience, supporting more than 500 clients within wind energy in cold and icing climates.

Nordic Energy Research is the platform for co-operative energy research and policydevelopment under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers – The main forum for official Nordic co-operation, which involves Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

Nordic Energy Research supports the Nordics in becoming the most integrated and sustainable region in the world. We enhance regional co-operation, create added value in the Nordic countries, and ensure trust and sustainable collaborative relationships for the benefit of the society.

The work of Nordic Energy Research consists of:

  1. Funding research of joint interest, adding value to national strengths and initiatives in the Nordic countries.
  2. Collaborating closely with consultants and leading researchers to prepare analyses that are used in connection with strategy and policy development in the Nordic countries.
  3. Facilitating intergovernmental energy co-operation through secretarial support forvarious working groups under the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  4. Call management for the EU Horisont Europe research programme CETPartnerships

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As part of the Weidmüller Group, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH is a powerful partner for wind turbine manufacturers and operators. Since 2004, the Dresden-based company has been using its core competence in the field of multi-dimensional natural oscillation measurement on fiberglass and carbon components. This long-standing know-how is used worldwide in over 29 countries for condition monitoring and ice detection of rotor blades on wind turbines. With more than 4,000 monitoring systems in use, we can draw on 14,000 machine years of monitoring experience to provide you with the optimum solution for your turbines.

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The development, manufacture, project management and servicing of wind turbines in the onshore segment has been the core competence and passion of the Nordex Group and its more than 9,000 employees worldwide for more than 35 years. As one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, the Nordex Group offers high-yield, cost-efficient wind turbines that enable long-term and economical power generation from wind energy in all geographical and climatic conditions. The focus is on turbines in the 3 to 6MW+ class, and the Group’s comprehensive product portfolio offers individual solutions for both markets with limited space and regions with limited grid capacities. The Nordex Group can also implement wind farms as part of different project types: from simply selling the equipment, to turnkey projects and complete wind farm development, including the associated project development in certain markets. A global service network, with some 300service points throughout 30 countries, delivers service quickly to keep our systems running smoothly.


Ping Monitor. External & Internal Blade Damage, Icing and Lightning Detection – The Ping Monitoris a fully self-contained & low-cost sensor that uses acoustic analysis to continuously monitor the state of your wind turbine blades. Visit us at our stand to learn how blade repair & inspection costs can be minimised

With the world’s most widely used ice detection system, you can optimise wind turbine operations and reduce risks caused by ice formation. Labkotec ice detection systems detecticing weather conditions on the blades of a wind turbine and send you an alert so you can initiate the necessary actions accurately.

INKOM; Industrikomponenter AB, represents ORGA NL in Sweden. Since 1967, INKOM has provided Nordic industry with components in energy, process, manufacturing, trains and defense electronics. ORGA NL and INKOM works together to help companies and organizations that have flight obstacles so that safety is always in accordance with current regulations. Contact us at: www.inkom.se

Wölfel Wind Systems is focused on Structural Health Monitoring of the complete wind turbine. We deliver reliable data analysis (Structural Intelligence) for lifetime assessments, increase of energy yield as well as ice and damage detection for rotorblades. Additionally we manufacture systems for reduction of vibrations and structure-borne noise. www.woelfel.de

eologix sensor technology produces flexible, retrofittable smart sensor solutions for overarching rotor blade monitoring. eologix market proven sensor systems – installed on 700+ wind turbines – are designed for ice detection, temperature measurement and pitch angle monitoring on rotor blades, minimizing downtimes and offering best performance.

FT Technologies’ ultrasonic wind sensors are designed specifically for wind turbine control and are used by the world’s leading turbine manufacturers–both on and offshore. Fitted with a thermostatically controlled heating system, FT sensors are ideal for cold climates and help to improve AEP and reduce LCoE.

Deutsche Windtechnik AB provides complete maintenance, ranging from basic service agreement to individually tailored full-service agreements for wind turbines manufactured by Vestas, Enercon, Siemens, Gamesa and Nordex in Sweden. The Deutsche Windtechnik group has around 9000 turbines totally in Europe, USA and Asia. The company operates both onshore and offshore.

Megger has been a leader in electrical test and measurement globally for 130 years. From power generation to the power outlets in your home, Megger products cover almost every application within the Electrical Supply Industry. Our products are categorised into seven core application segments: cable test and diagnostics, protection relays and systems, circuit breakers, transformer test and diagnostics, low voltage installations, general electrical testing, and motor and generator testing.

As a global leader in speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication offers a comprehensive line of lubricants designed to meet the extreme demands of the wind energy industry. Our product portfolio includes high-performance gear oils and greases for all applications. The solutions we offer for your applications add to your revenue and success. Klüber Lubrication is part of the Freudenberg Group.  www.klueber.com

WPS Sweden was established in 2014 in Piteå, Sweden. WPS offers services to OEM:s and operators in the wind industry. WPS offer services such as: Service & maintenance, trouble shooting, installation, rope access inspections, blade repair, LPS inspections and much more. Our technicians are spread out across northern Sweden, which makes us a cost-efficient service provider with local expertise in a global business.

As one of the leading companies in the commercial and technical operation of wind farms and solar projects, wpd windmanager manages a total capacity of over 6,000 MW worldwide and currently employs over 500 people. With its offices in Oulu and Piteå, wpd windmanager possesses many years of experience in the Scandinavian market and handles wind farms with a capacity of more than 370MW for various investors, expanding by additional 285 MW in 2023. The German company operates worldwide and has offices in various other European countries, in South America and in Asia. More information at: www.windmanager.net

EMD International A/S is a software and knowledge centre supplying companies and institutions worldwide with software, consultancy services, training and know-how within the fields of project design, planning, documentation and operation of environmentally friendly energy projects.

Since 2019, MCVE is focused on manufacturing of functionalized GFRP for integration into composite materials. We have proven that our EOPROM® bonding on GFRP is strong enough with a copper metallization to allow a robust connection thanks to its solder ability. Our EopromFlex equipment is using R2R process for mass production for smart GFRP for de-icing application.

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy services provider that is active throughout Europe. We offer our customers comprehensive services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation. In our daily work for our customers, we develop customised solutions that are reliable and sustainable.

We have been generating climate-friendly and sustainable electricity from carbon-free Swiss hydropower for more than a hundred years. Our power plant portfolio also comprises flexible thermal power plants, wind farms and photovoltaic systems in Europe.

As an international energy trader, we are active on all major European markets.

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Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts offer market leading expertise related to Blade Risk Management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.

Emerson – Former Mita-Teknik

Since the early 1980s, Emerson/Mita-Teknik has supplied the wind industry with +60,000 control systems that Make Wind Competitive. Our vision is to become the leading control solution provider through-out the life-cycle of the wind turbine. We offer everything in Wind Turbine Control Systems, Wind Farm Control, Electrical Pitch Systems, Condition Monitoring, SCADA, Wind Turbine Retrofit, Optimization and Customer Partnering – all designed to provide our customers with high yield cost-optimized wind turbine operation and maintenance. We drive innovation that makes the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable! www.emerson.com/wind-contacts

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