Welcome To Winterwind 2014!

Just a few days left to Winterwind 2014. We’re a group of people working day and night right now to make this a great experience for you. This year Winterwind will be held in a municipality where there are large… Läs mer

Faster Blade Repairing

Sand and ice erodes the rotor blades. Repairs usually take considerable time. But Bladefence has introduced a new, quick method of repairing cracks. Bladefence uses a resin system that reacts when exposed to UV-light. The process from viscous glue to… Läs mer

Owners Want De-Icing Guarantees

There’s a constant debate about the effectiveness of de-icing systems. Now Sweden’s biggest wind turbine owner is asking for performance guarantees. Owners of wind turbines want high productivity in order to obtain the required return on investment, but icing can… Läs mer

Risk Of Ice Throw Exaggerated

The risk of a piece of ice hitting a member of the public is relatively small. Nevertheless, ice throw is viewed as a real threat, which is consequently reflected in legislation and regulations. Andreas Krenn, project leader at Austrian… Läs mer

Recharge Will Cover Winterwind 2014

Recharge, one of the leading publications in the renewable energy sector, will cover Winterwind in Sundsvall. Sweden’s largest tech magazine, Ny Teknik (New Technology), is also represented at the conference. – We’re very happy to have a media partnership… Läs mer

Andrew Garrad Holds The Keynote

Andrew Garrad, one of the wind industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable profiles will hold one of the keynotes at Winterwind 2014. The conference is now quickly filling up with participants and almost all exhibition space is sold out. Dr. Läs mer

New Model Quantifies The Risk Of Ice Strike

Everything at Winterwind 2013 isn’t about preventing ice. Some presentations are about the challenges that follow when ice do occur. Gail Hutton from RES will hold a presentation about RES’ research on ice throw modelling. – It… Läs mer

It’s Time To Take Maintenance Seriously

Wear and tear, sand, bugs, strikes of lightning and not to mention winter itself all affect the need for blade maintenance. Experts in the field say it has to be done on a yearly basis, but that is not always… Läs mer

Uncertain Electricity Supply

Uncertain electricity supply, undeveloped infrastructure and a loss of profit due to icing. These are all factors which may lower the availability of loans for wind energy in cold climates. – “We need proven technology”, says a Swedish bank. Läs mer

Visit Mörttjärnsberget During Winterwind 2014

On February the 13th we will have a guided tour 07.30-15.00 to the wind farm Mörttjärnberget, located in Bracke municipality, southeast of Östersund. The wind farm with 37 wind turbines will have an installed capacity of 100 MW and an annual… Läs mer

Swedish Windpark Can Get EU Support

The wind park Blaiken is one of four Swedish projects nominated for support from the EU NER300-program, one of the world’s largest programs providing funding for renewable energy. – “A support can mean a big step forward for the… Läs mer

Testing 150 Tonne Components At Minus 60°C

Surrounded by mist, ice-cold air and blue light, as the temperature declines a thin layer of frost is slowly building up on the transformer. It is subjected to a simulated winter, closely observed and subsequently analyzed. A newly built… Läs mer